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Robotic Solutions, Inc is a robotic systems integrator that specializes in Milling applications. Our turn-key solutions offer users full CNC type operations including automated tool changers, tool pre-setters, and unlimited file size capabilities. We also offer complete Cad/Cam software, services and support.


While our specialty is Milling robots, we are also capable to create robotic cells that can handle situations that involve plasma cutting, welding, plastic trimming, or even simple tasks of automation.



We pride ourselves on taking the time to research your current process, learning and understanding your wants and concerns for the final product, and constructing the robotic cell to your specifications to ensure that you are happy with your product. There are a large number of possible configurations that we could put together to meet YOUR needs and create a robotic cell that will be part of your work family for years to come.


Customers use our Robots to machine Wood, Foam, Sand, Urethane, Stone, and other material. The robots are available in sizes ranging up to 150ft.


In addition to offering custom solutions for specific needs,we also offer three standard configurations:
- stand alone robot
- robot with a rotary table
- robot mounted on a fully programmable rail


The PC based touch screen controller is also designed with operator ease of use in mind.
Basic instruction sets, step-by-step instruction guides, and on screen help make it a very easy system to setup and run. The system can include a laser tool length setter, making setup and changeover much easier and simplifying tool changeover.


Our systems are able to be customized to you needs by changing the length of the robot arm, adding additional length to a linear rail, or even a custom built rotaty table to handle the size and weight of the materials you are going to be working with.